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At CG, we seek to constantly innovate with our proposals, based on permanent training and analysis of the latest international trends.
For full compliance with agreements and commitments with our clients, we must observe the following points:
The equipment, utensils, furniture, and parts of the decoration must be protected, being the direct responsibility of the client, until the moment of delivery. If there are losses, the client must pay the corresponding amount.
Once the work is finished, it is suggested not to make changes or transfers by the client of the decoration or parts of it. Failure to comply, the client must bear the costs of damage caused.
Removing a decoration after completion will cause an additional cost as the case may be.
The client will assume additional costs for insisting on placing a decoration in non-compliant places, for example, exteriors in the rainy season, snow, places without ventilation, obligatory or narrow passageways. For which you must accept the expert’s suggestion.
The transfer of furniture, etc. For decorations, will be subject to size and makes it difficult to collect the Delivery.
The delivery charge will be according to miles traveled, size of the decoration, cargo personnel, and vehicle rental.
If for any reason you wish to cancel the event, please note that your deposit will not be refundable! But if you could change the date of the event according to availability!
The disassembly of the event after 9 pm will be charged an additional percentage for late-night withdrawals.

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